Found a bug in Lens...

Found a bug in Lens Rectification - Xiaomi Yi  

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Seems lens rectification does not work correct if using 60fps.

Veröffentlicht : 4. Mai 2015 12:54

Oh, thats crazy. I used it once, but the image looks strange while moving. Not natural.
But thanks for sharing! :) Which firmware are you using?

Veröffentlicht : 4. Mai 2015 14:04
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I use newest firmware (1.0.9). But tested with 1.0.0 as well. Same problem with 1.0.0.
During normal recording you barely notice the bug. But everything look a bit strange. Even more than with correctly working lens rectification.
I was wondring that nobody found the issue so far. Nothin within google. Currently I am trying to make xiaomi aware of that bug so they can fix it. But I have no direct contact to send the issue to. Tried the official xiaomi forum but registration does not work unfortunatly.
I guess this bug is easy to fix. But someone at xiaomi has to know about it :).

For photo mode and 30fps/120fps video mode the issue does not exist. The issue seems to exist for 60fps and 48fps.
I usually use 1080p 60fps. Sometimes lens rectification is a really good feature. Sometimes I do not use it. Depends on the content of the video. But lens rectification is a unique feature no other product has. Even before xiaomi yi was release I thought a software based barell distortion removal build in to the camera would be great and not that difficult to implement for the manufacturer.

Veröffentlicht : 4. Mai 2015 16:37